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Laser hair removal uses an impulse of light which heats up hairs which are shaved prior to treatment. The heat travels down the hair into the hair shaft and and destroys the hair follicle, preventing regrowth of hair.
Long-term results vary from person to person, but if you are light skinned with dark hair you will be an ideal candidate. It takes several treatments, six weeks apart to achieve hair-free status, with maintenance treatments usually required every now and then.
Laser hair removal is extremely effective and people usually enjoy lengthy hair-free periods. Even people who are not suited to the procedure will enjoy some permanent hair reduction. Pretty much any hair can be removed, from upper lip hair to unsightly back hair or just an improvement in your bikini line. This device is a godsend for self confidence.Laser hair removal works best on light skin because the power of the laser can be turned up without damaging the skin. High power has a better chance of destroying the follicles rather than just stunning them. A Stunned follicle will eventually regrow hair.

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